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Haven for Hope has a program that makes employer connections and hosts job fairs! Our individuals have skills and experience across a wide variety of industry sectors. Please contact [email protected] for more information

Did you know that one third to one half of people who are homeless are actively working, but under-employed. They do not make enough money to meet the high costs of living. That’s why we also connect with education and job training programs to help our clients increase their job skills, leading to more sustainable income.

Paying it Forward

Overcoming homelessless and still giving back! Every month, those who benefit from Haven for Hope services voluntarily ask for ways to give b ack to the community. Haven helps through supporting programmatic neighborhood cleanups, rennovations, donation drives, and beautification in our surrounding neighborhoods.


I walked into Prospects Courtyard at Haven for Hope with a few personal items, which never left my hands until I volunteered to help clean. Late one afternoon, a man said “come on, we have a bed for you. Just get your stuff and follow me.” I found myself on the campus. I again volunteered to help clean. I liked this work. I took the On-the-Job Training course and continued to help clean the buildings. Towards the end of the course, staff came to class and talked about getting a job as a custodian. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Every day I kept on cleaning and learning. “You may not get what you want,” my two mentors would say to me now and again. “You can easily find work elsewhere.” “No,” I said, “this will happen.” I got my own areas to clean. Now I am working full-time for Haven for Hope. What I wanted came true.

I owe a lot to my mentors, Gabby and Gerri, who each taught me a lot during that On the Job Training course. I would be remiss if I did not give special thanks to my case manager, who was always there for me. She always found time for me. I am very thankful to Haven for Hope. They taught me a new occupation and returned my old confidence to me.

Thank you Haven!!!

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