What is Haven for Hope?

Haven for Hope is a place of hope and new beginnings for people in Bexar County experiencing homelessness. It is made up of two major programs: the Courtyard and the Transformational Campus. Both are on the Haven for Hope property and require a visit to the Intake Department to get started. The Courtyard is a low-barrier safe sleeping program that offers shelter and basic needs. The Transformational Campus is a center that offers services and shelter with an emphasis toward addressing the root causes of homelessness.

How do I get into Haven for Hope?

To be assessed, you must visit the Intake Office (1 Haven for Hope Way, San Antonio, TX, 78207) to speak to an Intake Specialist. Hours are 8am to 3pm Monday through Friday.

If you have an immediate need for safe sleeping and the Intake office is closed, please enter the Courtyard at 1300 W Martin St after hours.

What is the Intake process like?

·         For your safety and the safety of the wait-room, your belongings will be searched and you will be checked by a metal detector.

·         You will fill out a Triage Form which asks various questions to help us identify your need

·         When it is your turn to speak to an Intake Specialist, please bring what you have of the following:

o   Photo ID

o   Proof of Bexar County Residency

o   Proof of homelessness

·         You will be asked a series of questions that are required of all new clients. The Intake Specialist will ask for facts about yourself and your situation.

·         Depending on what your need is, you may be asked to take a urine drug test

·         If you are eligible for a program but there are no current beds, you will be offered the Courtyard, a safe outdoor sleeping area where you can receive meals, showers and laundry. To find out more about the Courtyard, see What is the Courtyard?

What is the Courtyard?

·         The Courtyard is a safe outdoor sleeping space. Guests at the Courtyard receive meals, communal showers, laundry, basic medical care and mental health care, and other basic services. The Courtyard curfew is 10pm, but special arrangements can be made if your work schedule or other factors force you to come in late. To stay at Courtyard, you must be able to care for yourself independently.

·         Services include:

1.       PATH: Center for Healthcare Services program to engage people interested in getting mental health treatment.

2.       Peer Advocates: People who stay at the Courtyard and help guide and orient new guests.

3.       Storage: One medium-sized storage bin next to your sleeping area and one large locked storage bin for regular guests.

4.       Legal Services: Assist with ID recovery and other legal matters

5.       Emergency Service Case Management: Guidance to rapid rehousing and community resources

6.       Sobering and Detox: Walking-distance access to a monitored place to sleep when intoxicated and drug and alcohol detoxification.

How do I know if I am eligible for the Transformational Campus?

If you meet all of the following criteria, and there is bed availability, you will likely qualify for the Transformational Campus:

1.       Verified Homelessness: an individual who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence and lacks sufficient means or support system to obtain housing

2.       Verified Residency in Bexar County for the past year

3.       18 years old or older

4.       Government-issued photo ID (For example: Driver’s License, Jail Re-entry Card, Passport)

5.       Sober or willing to enter a 90-day treatment program

a.      If you are not sober, but you are experiencing homelessness, please ask Intake about staying at the Courtyard

6.       Able to care for self independently (bathing, eating, dressing)

7.       Willing to commit to working with a case manager toward a goal of sustained, self-sufficient life

8.       Willing to participate in activities geared at achieving self-sufficiency (education, job training, etc.)

9.       Cannot be a registered sex offender

Is there a wait list?

The waiting period depends on several factors and could be anywhere from a few days to a couple of months. Factors may include but are not restricted to issues such as residency, drug and alcohol history, bed availability by gender, family size, and verification of identification or homelessness

What is the Transformational Campus?

The Transformational Campus (TC) is a place where an individual or family experiencing homelessness can go to receive housing, education, counseling, and support in order to help transform his or her life by addressing the root causes of homelessness. The goal is to help individuals gain and keep permanent housing.

I am experiencing homelessness and I need treatment for substance abuse.

Our In-House Recovery Program (IHRP) is dedicated to helping free individuals from substance abuse. To apply for this program, you must meet the same requirements of the Transformational Campus (See How do I know if I am eligible for the Transformational Campus). To get started, you can either visit Intake for a referral or go directly to the Restoration Center located nearby at 601 N. Frio Street.

How long can I stay at Haven for Hope?

At the Courtyard, you are welcome to stay as long as you are experiencing homelessness and need assistance. At the Transformational Campus, our goal is to help you obtain the resources and support you need to obtain permanent housing. Your stay there is determined on your engagement toward that goal.

What if I have a pet?

Haven for Hope’s Transformational Campus does have a kennel for cats and dogs. Placement is not guaranteed and is based entirely on availability. 

What are the rules?

The following may result in being asked to leave Haven for Hope in order to maintain a place of safety and respect for our community.

1.       Refusal of reasonable requests towards a staff member, partner, or security officer.

2.       Disorderly conduct towards fellow clients, staff members and security.

3.       Destruction of property

4.       Any Felony/Misdemeanor violation committed on Haven for Hope property.

Can I stay with my spouse?

For two-parent families, verification of marriage or a common law certificate must be presented to live together in a family dorm. In order to reside in the same room as husband and wife, you must have children. Men and women otherwise reside in separate dormitories while you work together to obtain housing.

I am a case manager/social worker needing placement for my client. What do I do?

This is not a mandated program. We do not accept clients who express that they have other stable residence and/or state that they have no intent to stay at Haven for Hope.

Anyone referring from another agency must bring with their client a  letter of referral from that agency confirming that the person being referred is without fixed stable nighttime residence AND without sufficient resources or support system to obtain stable housing. This letter must be signed by a staff person in your agency.

Hospital Discharges

Hospitals seeking a medical recuperation bed must call CentroMed prior to discharging to Haven for Hope. All persons must be able to perform activities of daily living such as showering, eating, and dressing themselves without assistance. For questions on medical discharge arrangements, the designated CentroMed Provider line is 210-220-2336.Please Note: Our facility is not equipped for those needing supervised physical or medical care (i.e. cannot meet their ADLs).

What if I just need Rental Assistance?

For rental assistance, please call SAMMinistries at 210-377-1616. This is a voicemail recording system, so please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

I think I know someone staying at Haven for Hope. How can I reach them?

We appreciate your care and concern for your loved ones. However, we must respect their safety and personal privacy. Therefore, we cannot confirm or deny any individual’s residence at Haven for Hope without their permission or a judicial court order.

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